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Siam Head, Back & Shoulder Massage

Relax and re-balance your mind and body

The neck and shoulders are the most common areas of the body that are prone to stiffness and accumulated tension. Continuous build-up of stress and tension in the neck and shoulder

region leads to stiff necks, aching shoulders and headaches.

The Siam Head, Back and Shoulder Massage is designed to relax and re-balance your natural energy flow and will totally relax your body and mind.

Benefits of Head, Back and Shoulder Massage

Relieve tension

Relieve neck and shoulder tension to help alleviate headaches


Relax your mind and body through the reduction of tension and stresses

Boost immunity

Increase blow flow and increase oxygen levels to give you a boost

Head Massage

Siam Head, Back and Shoulder Massage

From AED 390

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