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Siam Hand & Feet Reflexology

Improve circulation and increase energy levels

Your hands and feet are full of reflexology points. Stimulating the foot’s reflex zones, which correspond to glands, organs, and other parts of the body, improves circulation, unblocks nerve impulses, and alleviates fatigue, stress, and tension from head to toe. Hand and Feet Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and powerfully beneficial holistic approach to wellness.

Let our trained therapists apply this ancient form of massage, using applied pressure to specific nodal points in the hands and feet, to encourage relaxation, promote nervous system stimulation & blood flow, improve circulation and increase energy levels.

Benefits of Hand and Feet Reflexology

Reduce toxins

Improve bladder function and eliminate toxins more efficiently

Improve circulation

Increase blood flow and oygen levels to aid cell repair and metabolism

Boost energy

By increasing blood flow and circulation energy levels will be increased


Siam Hand & Feet Reflexology

From AED 390

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